Medical Doctor Product Certification

What is the Medical Doctor Product Certification?

The Medical Doctor Product Certification is a review and certification program offered by the Lab Genie Medical Advisory Board that validates the efficacy and safety of products. It provides your product with a special designation of MD-Certified™ or MD-Reviewed™ along with a publishable certificate and seal of approval for use on product labels.

Advantages to your brand

  • Increased confidence in your custom product
  • Strengthened brand name
  • Reviewed formals for safety
  • Researched ingredients for efficacy
  • Assurance overall formulas are based on good science
  • Publishable certificate

Benefits to your customers

  • Comfort in formula safety
  • Knowledge that the formula has been reviewed by a team that includes both Medical Doctors and Naturopaths
  • Confidence in purchasing a sound product
  • Satisfaction in products the have efficacy
Eligibility is based on submission and review of formulation and supplement facts.
Only available to Lab Genie Customers.